The Session Info



  • Check your vet is happy for your animal to receive bodywork  (law in the UK)
  • The methods I use are Masterson Method, Acupressure and aromatherapy oil work based on the Raindrop Technique.
  • These methods are non invasive and do not involve strong manipulation.
  • I am insured and qualified


  • The methods I uses work as a conversation between the animal and myself
  • Uses the animals body language to identify areas of discomfort and tension
  • The animal can be at liberty but NO FOOD
  • If the animal has to be held, please do not interact with them. I need their full attention
  • Your animal is important to you so please speak up if you have any questions or worries


  • I work with rather than on your animal
  • The pace is dictated by them
  • The session can be 3, 30 minutes or 3 hours.  It is all about what their sensory system can comfortably take.
  • As the session progresses signs of relaxation and releases can be seen. the animal becomes quieter.
  • I do not diagnose, but make observations, and make suggestions. (who to speak to i.e. – vet)
  • My aim is to make your animal more comfortable, not to fix them but release tension.  This might be all that is needed to resolve an issue or improve performance.
  • There are no specific goals or expectations.


  • You may of seen lots of releases during the session
  • Don’t worry if your animal is sleepy or ‘zoned out’ this is normal
  • If possible let them wander around to become aware of any changes that have occurred
  • On horses it isn’t recommended to have a session 3-4 days prior to competition
  • DO NOT expect miracle cures
  • Sometimes several sessions are needed but let the results speak for themselves
  • The 1st session is not always as good as subsequent sessions, as initially the animal doesn’t know what to expect.
  • Feedback (good or bad) is really appreciated, please keep me informed