The pictures on this page are of some of the animals I have met. The writing next to it just says a bit about how they have benefited from what they received. Some just received one modality and some had a combination.

Taken at Shires Holt Sanctuary

Redford - a HUGE Clydesdale

Session one he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. This is during the second session, where he let even more go. He is looking SO much better.

About Me

Mac - the Pony Club pony

Session one of three for a very stiff pony.  He has now had three and can the difference is really noticeable. Especially in his canter work and jumping.





Tosca has benefited from lots of modalities for lots of issues.



Harry is a true gentle giant, who through several sessions has regained a better outlook on life, and better mobility.

Eric and Merlin


Eric and Merlin (the two scratching)  get worked at liberty in the field.  The others are never far away if oil work is being done.  They both have had work on their attitude and take on life.



Red was helped with his attitude to others, needs more but getting there.



Rodney has been on long term box rest with a fracture that is slow to heal.