About Me

Hi, I am Cherie, I have been around animals all my life. I have a strong desire to help both people and animals, in feeling good, achieving more and speedy recovery from illness or injury.

When I was about 14 I registered with a vet who was also a homeopathic vet – I have never looked back.

If given a problem and how vets will treat it will look to how it can be treated holistically alongside vet treatment.

I am a Masterson Method practitioner and Acupressure therapist. I also do aromatherapy oil work based on the Raindrop Technique.

I specialise in horses and dogs with physical and emotional issues. I help to restore physical and emotional balance. Releasing tension and increasing the range of movement, therefore improving emotional wellbeing and physical performance.

I have looked into and tried many methods but a lot did not sit happy with me, they were both physical to deliver and invasive of the animal.

I perform integrated bodywork on animals which is both therapeutic and non invasive.

By using several modalities if needed per session, the treatment is tailor-made for your animal.

Whilst I live in Cornwall, I am very happy to travel as I also like driving.